We began on April 2005 with a 1200 m2 local in Pamplona.

The manufacturing started on May 2006, in a new constructing area, of 10.000m2, in our acquired surface located on Marcilla.

Alter the first testing period we began to commercialize the new range of cabinets developed on July 2006.

The fulfilment of the high expectations from Reducing Life Cycle Cost, made us well accepted by first customers, and required us to enlarge considerably the production area before the first manufacturing year.

The construction of new 15.000m2 started on August 2007, to complement the production area. It was ready at the beginning of 2008.

New regional installations have been added to EXKAL network, in Cataluña, Levante and Andalucia.

We also started the products internationalization, manufacturing them in México (March 2009) and China (June 2009). EXKAL France and EXKAL Colombia were born in 2013 and EXKAL Emirates and EXKAL Belgium in 2014

EXKAL believes in innovation. During this short period we have finished 4 Technological Innovation projects. One of them was certified as EUREKA project. At the moment we are working on 3 new innovation projects, all of them collaborating with important Companies, Technological Centers and prestigious Universities. One of them in collaboration with a Chinese company (CHINEKA project) another one with Technological Centers and European companies (EUROSTARS project).